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Local Like: The Party's Here

Located at 7352 N Government Way, technically in Dalton Gardens, this week’s Local Like is my go-to party supply shop. Usually this means WAY too many balloons (who’s really counting…its like measuring how many chocolate chips to put in the cookie dough…you just don’t do that) but I never fail to find something else I seem to suddenly need to have for the event when I am picking up the balloons.


You would easily miss it when driving either direction on Government Way. This shop has a small footprint and is tucked away in a small shopping plaza but never fails to exceed expectations. The customer service is top notch and prompt, and the owner is incredibly helpful. Sometimes I come in with only a vision and she never fails to dream with me and execute to put together the perfect package. Sometimes it’s filling an office with balloons as a way of saying “happy birthday”, somedays its enormous bundles of balloons for a Gatsby sized party, other times its the perfect accent pieces for a movie night.

At this point I have become a bit more familiar than the average person with balloons and here’s how I have been able to tell I’m getting a quality product with The Party’s Here. First, the balloons last. A really long time. Secondly, and maybe this is just a pet-peeve of mine, but the balloons don’t explode in the car when I am transporting them. Nothing like an ear ringing, deafening burst driving down the road to put you in the right mood while executing an event, right? Third, whether I’m holding 2 balloons or 60, I have yet to lose one off of the string. Lastly, every other purchase I have made in this store has held up to or beyond expectation.

We all have events, parties, special occasions, and an assortment of gatherings that could use a touch from The Party’s Here. Visit in store or call your order ahead for special or larger orders, they are very accommodating. Otherwise, give them a visit to browse and find all the things you didn’t know you needed. Bonus! They usually have the shop dog there to greet guests and accompany them.

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