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Your offer was accepted.  
Now what?

1) UTILITIES & SERVICES - internet/trash/power/water/sewer.  Call the companies ahead of time and let them know what your closing date is.  Most will say to call back closer to that date, but others will require an account be set up, deposits, and so forth.  Better to just plan ahead on these.

2) MOVERS/SERVICE PROVIDERS - do NOT schedule movers, carpet cleaners, house cleaners, handy persons, locksmiths, etc until your closing day afternoon/evening or ideally the day after.  Oftentimes the sale takes a while to officially record and you may not get keys until as late as 5:00pm the day of.  If there are any delays for any reason, it could be the following BUSINESS day (be careful with weekends & holidays!).  Many Sellers may not allow you to enter the home early so be very cautious on this item.

3) DELIVERIES - same as "Movers".  Do not schedule any deliveries until the following day of your actual close date.  Sometimes a delivery will arrive early and the Seller is not responsible for the item.  It's also not their problem should the item go missing or get damaged so I'd suggest you schedule deliveries for AFTER you move in.

4) CHECK IN WITH YOUR LENDER - hopefully your lender is on top of everything, but just in case, be proactive and ask your Lender if they need anything else from you.  Missing even just one signature on something could delay your closing and potentially cost you money.

5) WALK THROUGH - you're allowed to do a final walk through of the property as early as 3 days prior to closing.  The purpose is to ensure that the Sellers have left the property in the same condition as when you first made the offer.  If this is something you'd like to do, please let me know and we can coordinate a time.


6) PLAN FOR YOUR SIGNING - the escrow office prefers not to schedule your signing appointment until a few days before closing (to ensure that all documents are processed correctly).  However, start planning for where you'll be the day of signing.  It usually takes about an hr or so, but if you have kids/work/travel to coordinate around you'll need to inform the escrow officer ahead of time!  


7) CONSIDER THE LOCKS - we have no way of knowing who has a spare key to your new home.  Consider changing out the locks after closing for extra security.


8) STAY SANE.  You've got this.

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