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Back to the Basics


There’s been a lot of speculation over the last several weeks. It seems like everyone has a view or an opinion, even each of us here with Megan Leary Realty. That is to be expected, it’s our nature. We’ve been quiet over here, absorbing the massive influx of constantly changing information and many ways that individuals, business, communities, and markets are reacting.

In the midst of this time of change and uncertainty, let’s respond with some constants. Tried and trues. Facts of the matter. The basics.

I asked Megan how she was responding to this evolving situation and ultimately it came down to something we have all been told, never max out your budget on housing.

Her suggestion to me was to always under cut your budget by 25-30% when possible. I told you, we’ve all heard it.

Her other insight revolved around the status of the market, which is still strong by the way. New listings are going live every day, homes are being sold, and the industry is becoming more ingenuitive than ever in order to continue to make the home buying process simple and convenient.

So the market is strong but you’re still uncertain or you’re not quite ready what should you do? Be productive with your time.

Yep, another one we all know. So in this case what does that mean?

If you are looking to buy, use this extra time to really put some thought towards what you want and what you need. Now is a great time to approach this from a different point of view. Be sure to approach this logically, not emotionally, and make note of the conclusions of your research. Then, keep in communication with your Realtor! Updating them on your wants and needs as you refine, adjust, or confirm them will allow them to conduct the most accurate and thorough search for you in any kind of market or economy.

If you are looking to sell, now is the time to tackle that pesky stuff that hides at the bottom of the list. Tidy up your space. Finish the projects. Declutter and organize throughout the house. Rearrange if necessary.


Uncertainty can cause reaction after reaction. In an uncertain time, let’s all make a conscious effort to go “back to the basics”, or at least be reminded of them.

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