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Local Like: Little Discovery Corner

Updated: Jan 27

As a Mom in the Pacific Northwest, it can be a challenge to find things to do during the cold, dark winters. Well, we recently stumbled upon this gem in our Silver Lake Mall. It is now my new Local Like for January!

Now, if you're familiar with this mall, it's not a huge "mall" per-se. However, it does offer great running room if your kids happen to be 2 and 4 and need to burn lots of energy. We went last week to walk some laps and to our surprise there's a new little store front sponsored by the Community Library Network called the "Little Discovery Corner". It's free to visit and open daily to kids of all ages. There are things like building blocks, art tables, sensory squares, magnets, reading nooks, toy tables, and more. I know Covid has brought a damper to public spaces such as this, but we've now visited two times and we were the only ones there. The activities are also really well spaced out so you can occupy your own little corner if desired.

I had never heard of this space. I know I'm not the only mom with littles, so I felt compelled to share this as my first 2021 Local Like! It's only here for a limited time (6ish months), but it's enough to get through another winter week night :)

Community Library Center

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