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Local Likes: Candle In The Woods

Local Likes serves as our platform to highlight the wonderful local ventures brought to you by locals and experience by, that’s right, locals!


Megan ventured just north of Coeur d’Alene and enjoyed an extraordinary dining experience called Candle in the Woods with her husband Shaun. They had plenty to say about the evening!

First thing’s first, this is not your traditional restaurant dinner. You start your evening being picked up by their limo. You may choose to drive but trust us, you’ll appreciate the ride by the end of the night. Throughout the evening you enjoy a fixed menu of 10- 12 courses and their pre-selected wines. Reservations are a must. They can be made in smaller groups that will dine together as one, “family style” for that evening or private group reservations from 6-24 people can be made. Whether you walk in as strangers or as a group, you will share this family-style dining experience with a small group of people and you’re bound to leave as friends.

A couple of highlights from Megan were the intermezzos, aka intermission breaks between courses. Get up, socialize, enjoy stories from Dave (Chef and Owner), and get ready for the next delicious course. Favorites from Megan and Shaun’s dining experience were a chipotle marshmallow and chocolate drizzle atop a filet and a dessert cookie.

You might pass right by Candle In the Woods if you were driving by as the outside is very unassuming, but don’t pass by this experience adored by many keen locals!

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