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Hello Hayden: Central

What we are going to call Hayden Central is the area between Atlas and Highway 95, and Wyoming Road and Prarie Avenue. This area is a primarily residential area, with exception of the highway frontage and the Hayden Urban Renewal area, and handful of neighborhoods break up the expanse of homes in this part of Hayden.


can be conveniently accessed from Ramsey Road on the west side and Prarie Avenue on the south side. Many businesses neighbor to the south including the Prairie Pavilion that is home to a wonderful selection of food trucks, Hayden Lake Physical Therapy and Aquatics, Caddyshack, and Exxon Jifi Stop. To the east we have the Hayden Windermere office and the highway frontage businesses.

Neighboring to the north is the Leisure Park Retirement Community . This neighborhood hosts community events and welcomes residents to utilize their clubhouse.

Continuing west on Prairie Avenue, towards Atlas Road, you drive by the Strawberry Fields Community. The Strawberry Fields home owners association is managed by ABC Management and includes a resident board. Common regulations apply to this neighborhood including signage, architectural features, additional car parking, outbuilding applications, etc. Find the Strawberry Fields Rules and Regulations here.

Atlas Elementary sits between Strawberry Fields and Broadmoore Estates.

Across Honeysuckle Avenue to the north you find the Broadmoore Estates neighborhood which includes over 300 homes, community green areas, and a 10 acre city park. The Rules and Regulations in this neighborhood enforce noise, maintenance, and visual standards including guidelines regarding the storage of recreational vehicles. If you have a travel trailer, motor coach, boat, or other vehicle except daily use vehicles, you will want to ensure arrangements for storage off property or committee approval for specified accommodations.

As we move north beyond Honeysuckle Avenue, the residential area becomes less concentrated with organized communities and the properties, on average, grow larger and may even be several acres in size. This is the case all the way up to the highway frontage. Along Highway 95 businesses like Walmart, Super 1 Foods, and Triple Play Family Fun Park share space with several small business complexes.


Hayden Central is another well established part of Hayden. They highway frontage businesses in this area supports many of the rural areas to the north as well as those that may just be traveling through. Expect to see more residential growth to the north as well as commercial development throughout this area as the Coeur d’Alene airport traffic continues to increase.

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